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10 Highest SuperMax Contracts Ever Signed In The NBA

What Even Is A SuperMax Contract?

Whenever we talk about sports players, we always think about their salaries, because if we are honest, we all know that sports people make big bucks. It is no different in the NBA, while you might think that they don’t make bucks as big as the NFL, you would be wrong because some of their superstars get super paychecks! 

Obviously, their paychecks do not always mean that they are going to be a game-winning player, so, you shouldn’t base your bets off of their paycheck instead of Fanduels NBA betting lines.

But, before we dive in headfirst to their paychecks, let’s just clarify what a SuperMax contract even is.

A SuperMax contract is basically just the largest paycheck an NBA player can get. It is also known as the ‘Designated Veteran Player Exception’. With this, a team could sign a player for another year, at 25% of the team’s overall salary limit, and each year they get an extra 8%. 

Of course, players should meet certain criteria to get one of these, and there are plenty of rules and regulations. But, we aren’t going to bore you with all the niggling details. For now, let’s just classify it as a big fat check! 

The Highest SuperMax Contracts Signed In The NBA

So, we know that getting a SuperMax is basically a sign of a big dog in the NBA game. It’s time to find out just who these big checks belong to. 

#1. $228 million – Giannis Antetokounmpo/ 5 Year

Giannis made a name for himself with the Milwaukee Bucks and is without any doubt a very accomplished player. It is no real shock that at the age of 26 he already managed to gain the MVP title twice, and bring the Bucks to victory. 

He gave the Bucks their first NBA title for the first time in 5 decades! 

So, what was his contract? A stellar $228 million, and over the next 4 years you can expect him to have an average salary of $45.6 million. 

#2. $227 million – James Harden/ 6 Year

James Harden is at the end of his Supermax deal. He signed it with the Rockets, although he is now with the Nets. In the next season, he will earn $43.8 million, although he could earn more on an option worth $46.8 million! 

#3. $207 million – Rudy Gobert/ 5 Year

So many people just do not believe that Gobert deserves a Supermax contract, simply basing this off of the number of points he averages in each game. However, it’s not that makes him shine, it’s his defensive abilities they want. 

At first, he even turned down a Supermax, and instead, he took the much bigger 5-year Supermax with $207 million.

#4. $207 million – Luka Dončić/ 5 Year

At only 22 years old, with a ton of talent, and oodles of potential, Doncic has one hell of a contract. With a contract worth more than $200 million, and earning $47.1 million for the 2026-2027 season, he’s swimming in it! 

Imagine this kind of paycheck at that age. Go, Luka! 

#5. $205 million – Russell Westbrook/ 5 Year.

Like others on our list, Russell is also in the final year of his SuperMax contract. He signed for it back in 2019. For this season, (2021-2022) he will be earning a stunning $44.2 million, and he may also earn $47 million next year. 

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