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Basketball Players That Are Casino Enthusiasts

Currently, casino betting is one of the most popular gambling options that appeal to the older generations and the new ones. The evolution of casinos and the introduction of mobile-optimized alternatives like the Sloto Cash Casino have made the industry open to everyone from anywhere globally. Casino games are so popular that everybody seems to be playing them, including popular basketballers who are super-wealthy.

It will be narrow-minded to say basketball players engage in casinos because they seek financial breakthroughs, as multimillionaire players also wager on casino games. Of course, money may be the primary goal, but the thrill and pleasure that casinos games bring may be another motivation. Whatever the reasons for basketball players playing casinos, one certainty is that some of these stars are good at wagering on slots and table games. And yes, this includes even the very popular ones.

Who then are the basketball stars wager in casinos?

  • Michael Jordan: Jordan is not precisely conservative about his love for Casinos and gambling in general. The legendary basketball player loves to bet and is always involved in one wager or the other. A popular bet that made the waves on the internet was when he wagered $1.2 million on a golf championships outcome against a number of friends and close acquaintances. Unfortunately, he lost the bet.

In casino betting, the star seems to have better luck. However, his success in table games that he prefers to slots is not made open. MJ has been spotted visiting America’s best casinos in Las Vegas, Connecticut, Oklahoma, etc. He is considered a high wager and has recorded both wins and losses.

Jordan also has a thing for highly reputed online casinos where he wagers on card games. He probably has luck trying this option as well. However, he is more known for his visits to luxurious casinos. 

Jordan’s over $1.3 billion Net Worth gives him the luxury to wager as much as he wants. He is widely considered the biggest basketball spender on casino betting.

  • Charles Oakley: Charles Oakley is one man that built a reputation as a very successful casino gambler. The man recorded quite some successes wagering on table games and slots. He was a regular guest at some of the biggest casinos in the United States, where he waged with celebrities, friends s and fellow stars.

Oakley is not a big spender as Jordan, but he has recorded high success in casino betting, and he is regarded as a casino genius. Oakley’s luck is not just limited to spinning slots and wagering on tables. He was also successful on a person-to-person wager and hit a good win against Tyrone Hill, aPhiladelphia Sixers player. However, the success led to a series of sour episodes between both men.

Hill failed to pay his debts, and Oakley reacted angrily in training and launched basketball at the former. This led to Oakey being slapped with a fine of $10,000 by the management for inappropriate behaviour. He got his money from Hill after the encounter.

  • Antoine Walker: Antoine Walker is one player whose love for casino betting didn’t paint all the positive picture. His story teaches casino bettors to show restraint when they are not getting their way with casino bets. Walker is a fan of poker and loves to go for high limit games. He wasn’t lucky with the outcomes.

His ill-luck with poker led him into a debt of $800,000 in different casinos spread over in America. He also earned lots of felony charges for issuing false cheques.

  • Charles Barkley: Charles Barkley is an enthusiastic sportsman that had both winning and losing days with casino betting. There were times he won, and there were times he lost handsomely. The man himself stated that he loved and still loves casinos so much that he has lost up to 10 million dollars playing in Las Vegas.

Barkley’s love for casino bets once left him a debt of $400,000 at Wynn Casino. The casino responded with a lawsuit after the superstar failed to pay. Barkley still loves casinos, and he still visits Vegas occasionally. He is, however, more conscious of the decision he now makes.


Casinos are a universal gambling option that allows punters to have fun while playing to win real money. The industry has continued to grow more prominent, and the fact that even stars endorse it outlines the opportunities it presents when engaged positively.

This article has considered five basketball stars that love to gamble in casinos and how they fared and are still faring. You can win just like some of them with luck and strategy in your favour.

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