BBL Disciplinary Panel Findings – Plymouth v Bristol

Plymouth City Patriots v Bristol Flyers
18 February 2022

Following the review of the incident from this game by the Disciplinary Panel found as follows:

  • FIBA rule 18.3.5 states that substitutes may leave their bench during a timeout provided they remain within the vicinity of their team bench area.
  • FIBA rule 39.2.1 states that substitutes who leave the team bench area during a fight, or during any situation which may lead to a fight, shall be disqualified.
  • The panel therefore focused on establishing at which point each individual substitute left the bench:
Point Status
Pre the timeout being called Not permitted
Post the timeout being called but pre the fight situation Permitted if remain in vicinity
During the fight situation Not permitted – automatic disqualification
  • From the video evidence it is clear that a number of substitutes that were disqualified for leaving their team bench area during a fight had in fact already left their team bench area during the timeout that was called.
  • Accordingly, these substitutes had not breached FIBA rule 39.2.1.
  • The penalties awarded under FIBA rule 39.2.1 were therefore awarded erroneously.
  • It is also clear that a number of substitutes had breached FIBA rule 18.3.5. The officials took no action in this regard and it should be noted that this rule does not call for an automatic disqualification.
  • The panel found that one substitute had clearly left their team bench area and was issued with a disqualification
  • In addition to receiving a disqualification for leaving their team bench area (as a substitute) one individual was also erroneously issued with a personal technical foul for conduct.

As a result of his valid disqualification from the above game, Marcus Evans has received 18 penalty points per the BBL Disciplinary Panel’s findings and thus a one game suspension. In accordance with BBL Rules, penalty points incurred shall come into force seven days from the notification being sent, and as such the suspension will be served for the club’s next scheduled game after that 7 days has elapsed (Friday 25 March 2022, vs. Leicester Riders).

All other disqualifications from the game were rescinded.

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