Cam Reddish not likely to remain in Knicks’ rotation

Cam Reddish finally made his Knicks debut, made a highlight play, but the day was more cameo than major speaking part.

And Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau made ominous remarks that Reddish may not get in anytime soon.

Even with Kemba Walker resting and Alec Burks’ slide to starting point guard in his absence, the former Duke star only got in for 5:23 against the Clippers on Sunday — all in the first half.

Reddish entered with six seconds left in the first quarter, replacing RJ Barrett, and heard a huge roar from the fans. 

However, Walker is due back Monday against the Cavaliers, meaning Burks will likely take those minutes from Reddish.

Thibodeau also hinted Sunday he wants to go to a nine-man rotation instead of 10 and gave every indication he’s sticking with backup rookie swingman Quentin Grimes.

Cam Reddish made his Knicks debut Sunday.
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Thibodeau’s bosses acquired Reddish from the Hawks 10 days ago, but the Knicks coach will decide who he will play.

“The one thing is just trying to establish a routine,’’ Thibodeau said. “When we were playing well, we pretty much had a nine-man rotation. But when I have opportunities to get him in, I want to get him in. And it was good just to let him get his feet wet a little bit. He’s working really well in practice. You never know in this league, you can have an injury and the next thing you’re in there. I look at a guy like Quentin. He benefited from everyone being out, got in there played well and he’s still in there.’’

Reddish scored two points and had two rebounds, going 1-for-2 from the field. He missed his lone 3-point attempt.

Early in the second quarter, Reddish had a highlight play, grabbing the rebound and going coast-to-coast, finishing with a reverse layup.

Reddish showed his highlight potential with this reverse layup.
Reddish showed his highlight potential with this reverse layup.
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“It was great,’’ Barrett said. “I thought it was a great move. Happy for him. Just to see him out there, see my Duke brother out there doing his thing.’’

Thibodeau gave no indication how much time surging center Mitchell Robinson could miss after suffering a sprained ankle during the third quarter. 

Robinson stepped on Luke Kennard’s foot going for a rebound and hopped around the court on one leg. The Knicks finally stopped the game and Robinson limped to the locker room. Robinson tweeted “I’m all good just a little tweak.” 

Big man Nerlens Noel made his return from another knee injury and played well, adding eight points, going 4 of 5 from the field and even hitting a 12-footer. It’s only his 19th game of the season.

Thibodeau said Walker could play back-to-backs again this season — just not the one that concludes Monday in Cleveland.

“It’s just managing, there’s no set thing to it,’’ Thibodeau said. “It’s what the medical people feel and what he feels. Try to manage it as best you can. We want him to feel as good possible.’’

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