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Devin Booker’s beef with the Raptors mascot is hilarious

Devin Booker is clearly a guy who takes his basketball very seriously. And why wouldn’t he? He is a professional basketball player, after all.

That same serious attitude is what helped propel the Suns to the NBA Finals last season. So, obviously, it is incredibly useful and has helped him improve his game a ton over the years.

But it’s also extremely not fun sometimes. Like, for example, that time Book complained about being double-teamed…in a pick-up game. Boy, was that ever weird.

We got another one of those weird situations on Tuesday when the Suns played the Raptors. Except for this time it was also pretty hilarious.

Devin Booker got legitimately upset at the Toronto Raptors’ mascot. Yes, you read that correctly. The mascot.

While he was shooting free throws, the Raptor — who is literally the only fan in the building, by the way — was jumping up and down trying to distract him. You know, regular, normal stuff for any basketball game.

Book had enough of it. He told the officials to tell the Raptors to chill.

Then they put the Raptor in timeout. IN THE CORNER. He was only doing his job, man.

And look at what he was mad at! The Raptor gets a few inches off the ground and it’s enough to distract Booker, apparently.

We’ve had some wild NBA rivalries before. Bird v. Magic. Jordan v. Everybody. Steph v. LeBron. But I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything quite like Devin Booker v. The Raptor.

This is just wild. NBA fans had so many jokes.

After the game the Suns won 99-95, Booker was asked about the Raptor situation. He said all is good and they’re actually homies now.

I won’t believe it until the Raptor gives us confirmation, though.

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