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Draymond Green reacts to Patrick Beverley’s comments about Chris Paul

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Patrick Beverley claps during an NBA basketball game, Friday, Nov. 5, 2021, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Andy Clayton-King)

Recently Patrick Beverley was hosted on ESPN to share his insights on the playoffs. The 33-year-old point guard made headlines by calling Chris Paul ‘a cone’ for not playing defense.

Draymond Green gave his take on Beverley’s comments, saying that they are interesting and intelligent, but. The three-time NBA champion said he respects the Timberwolves point guard for standing on what he said.

However, Green thought that Beverley could have handled comments on Paul better so that they don’t distract the viewers from his other insights.

“What did I think of Patrick Beverley’s recent comments on ESPN? I think number one if you sit back and look at some of the things Patrick Beverley said, I think he’s making some very legit points of someone that really understands the game of basketball if you’ve watched Patrick Beverley and the things that he said consistently,” Green said.

“Now I think that’s marred a bit by his comments on Chris Paul because once he made the comments on Chris Paul, that became the headline, that became the news. And at that point everyone just kind of started discrediting everything that he said from that point on. I’ve seen more than just the Chris Paul stuff and I actually think he says some good things.

“I think there’s been times on there where he was very particular in breaking things down. He went in depth on things. So, I think people can really learn some things from literally listening to Patrick Beverley. However, I think his comments made on Chris Paul took some of the attention away from some great points that he was making. And rightfully so.

“When you go at a guy like Chris Paul, who’s a legend in our game, that’s going to take the cake. That’s not something you say for a day and it goes away. That’s going to take the cake and people gonna remember that. And then he doubled down on it, and then he tripled down on it. I respect a guy for standing on what they stand on.”

“But just from my experience in TV, I think there was a different he could have went about it. I think he should learn from it because I think in watching him, he could be pretty good at it,” he concluded.

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