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Former NBA player Royce White runs for Congress

Photo: Royce White/Twitter

Former first round pick Royce White is making a turn into politics. The 30-year-old officially announced that he will be running for U.S. Congress in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district against Ilhan Omar.

“My name is Royce White. I’m a fifth generation Minnesotan and a product of the Twin cities. But first and foremost, I’m an American,” White’s presents himself in the announcement video.

“I’m running for Congress because our leaders has sold us out. We have to fight for freedom. We have to protect our communities. We have to restore what it means to be American citizens.

“We have to fight the momentum of globalism. My problem with Ilhan [Omar] isn’t that she’s not an American or that she’s not from Minnesota. She’s in on it, she’s a globalist. She’s a puppet for the establishment.

“I’m here to sound the alarm. We are in a crisis. We are at war. Our sovereignty is on the line. The sole of America is on the line. What Big pharma, Big tech and the corporate media have done to us during this pandemic, shows us tyranny is here. The line has been drawn and it’s pretty damn clear — we the people no longer have a choice.”

White was the 16th overall pick by the Houston Rockets in 2012. However, his NBA career did not turn out well as he was fighting mental issues and the league’s lack of policies on such matters.

He ended up playing just three NBA games before joining the London Lightning of the National Basketball League of Canada with which two championships before retiring in 2018. White made his MMA debut in December 2021 after two years of training mixed martial arts.

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