Halsey rips Desmond Bane for ‘s–t talking’ LeBron James

Halsey sat courtside for Lakers-Grizzlies on Sunday night, which always means we will be treated to several basketball observations from the music star.

The singer specifically directed her ire on this night towards Desmond Bane, who she accused of loudly and inappropriately talking trash to LeBron James.

Halsey sits courtside at Lakers-Grizzlies.
NBAE via Getty Images
Desmond Bane celebrates a basket against the Lakers.
Getty Images

“Bane got an unnaturally loud and rude big ass f–kin mouth,” she tweeted from her account, Halseyand1, which she runs to chronicle her Lakers fandom.

In response to a Memphis fan’s angry response to her criticism, Halsey doubled down that Bane was over the line.

“Bruh shut the f–k up this man lebron almost had to give him a masterclass in decorum,” Halsey tweeted.

“Everyone s–t talks but word on the court was ‘“he’s a problem.”’

LeBron James against the Grizzlies
LeBron James against the Grizzlies
Getty Images
Halsey at a Lakers game on Nov. 28, 2021.
Halsey at a Lakers game on Nov. 28, 2021.
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Bane, 23, is a second-year forward on the Grizzlies averaging 17.7 points per game. Memphis won the road game, 127-119.

In previous tweet sprees about basketball this season, Halsey lamented that Lakers coach Frank Vogel was blocking her view, and said she’d love to announce hoops on ESPN.

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