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Jayson Tatum provides cryptic, saddening realizations amid C’s ongoing struggles this season

Following a heartbreaking final seconds defeat against the heroic RJ Barrett, Evan Fournier, and the New York Knicks on Thursday, the Boston Celtics had another one heck of a night figuring things out regarding their rocky progress this season.

As such, their superstar Jayson Tatum just blatantly offered harsh and saddening realizations about his tenure as a Celtic.

In his postgame media availability, the 23-year-old main man, based on his choice of words, is visibly reminiscing those good old times when he and the ball club were attaining praises and greater heights from the previous seasons.

“In the grand scheme of things, I look back to those years when we were going to the Conference Finals and it makes you really appreciate those moments, because it’s hard, it’s not easy,” Tatum said, via Jared Weiss of The Athletic. “Early on in my rookie year, I thought it was normal.”

“It’s tough but we’ve just gotta regroup. Obviously, losses, this stretch kind of is tough, losing leads and just not finishing it out in the fourth quarter.”

Chosen by Boston as the 3rd overall pick of the 2017 NBA Draft, the talented Tatum out of Duke University was surrounded by solid reinforcements which helped him grow and mature as a pro. Relatively, together with co-star Jaylen Brown, he enjoyed early success and was a fundamental piece of the franchise’s two conference finals appearances since 2018. 

But with what’s happening right now, things are getting unreal on their side. Sliding down to mediocrity and now 11th in the East seems disappointing for a team that was projected initially to capture the title inch by inch this decade. As the other ball clubs have made improvements, the Celtics have mysteriously stepped backward since last season. Indeed, top executive Brad Stevens admitted recently that his squad needs serious consideration before the trade deadline ends.

“I think the challenge is that in the last two years specifically,” Stevens detailed with Toucher and Rich on 98.5 The Sports Hub, via Brian Robb of Massachusetts Live. “There hasn’t been a consistent timeframe to be able to evaluate the full group but the reality is we may never get that. I think we have enough information that we need to make sure we’re focused on improving.

“There’s a couple different ways to do that. Number one is internally, tweaking what we’re doing, playing better, tweaking rotations whatever the case would be and the second way would be roster tweaks. I think we would have to be – I think everyone in here, players, coaches, front office, everybody that works here is not happy with where we are from a record standpoint, so we have to improve.”

As the panic button was finally smashed within their hub, upcoming decisions and big-time moves are now definitely enticing to see in Beantown. With their lead man being frustrated and sentimental, the NBA world has to watch out.

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