NBA Draft

John Stockton on Michael Jordan’s 1998 winning shot

Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

The former Utah Jazz star guard John Stockton gives sports journalist Jason Whitlock an exclusive look back at his 19-year NBA career. How does the Hall of Famer remember the day the Utah Jazz drafted him out of Gonzaga in the first round? What was it like being a teammate to Adrian Dantley and Karl Malone? How did he feel about Isiah Thomas’ snub from the 1992 Olympic Dream Team? Which rival player called him a “dirty bastard”? What was it like playing against Charles Barkley and Gary Payton? How does he remember his legendary 1997 playoff game-winning shot? Does Stockton see himself as another Tom Brady for playing past age 40? Do the Utah Jazz fans deserve the bad rap they have been getting lately?

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:50 1984’s NBA Draft
  • 09:40 Charles Barkley, Gary Payton, Isiah Thomas
  • 13:55 1992’s Olympic Dream Team
  • 17:20 Karl Malone
  • 28:11 ‘Dirty Bastard’
  • 32:58 1997 Game Winning Shot
  • 34:47 Michael Jordan’s 1998 Winning Shot
  • 36:07 Thoughts on Tom Brady
  • 39:45 Utah Jazz Fans

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