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Julius Randle issues public apology to Knicks fans

New York Knicks star Julius Randle took to Instagram to issue a public apology to the team’s fans for the gesture that he showed to them during the game against the Boston Celtics.

The fans expressed their disappointment with the way the 27-year-old power forward was performing during the game by booing him. In response, Randle showed a thumbs down gesture and explained postgame that it was meant to send a message to shut the f*ck up.

“Just want to send a quick message to our fans and be clear — I love NYC and being a part of this team and this franchise,” he wrote on his IG post. “And like most Knicks fans, I am really passionate about us being successful.

“My family and I love how the fans and New Yorkers have embraced and accepted us and have made us feel great about our decision to commit long-term with the team this past summer. This support means the world to us.

“I understand that my actions also represent the league, this organization, and the city, and that I should have handled things last night differently and expressed myself with more professionalism and more appropriate language in the heat of the moment. My comment was an example of how sometimes you say things you regret to people you love, even if it came from a place of passion and deep love.

“Nobody wants to win more than me and I will continue to show loyalty and dedication to my teammates, the entire Knicks organization, and the fans who have shown me and my family so much love. I am going to keep focusing on the future.


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The former first round pick had 22 points and 8 rebounds for the Knicks, helping them defeat the Celtics 108-105. This season, Randle is averaging 19.6 points, 10.1 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game.

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