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Kevin Durant mean mugs in NBA 2K24 visuals of Suns star

NBA 2K is releasing screen grabs of its forthcoming title, NBA 2K24, and one Phoenix Sun looks like he means business.

Kevin Durant is definitely appears to be mean-mugging the camera in the first released footage of him for the the upcoming NBA simulation. It has led to some hot takes across the Xsphere, formerly known as the Twittersphere.

Anyway, here’s a few about the two-time NBA champion that made us chuckle:

I mean, the Thanos comparison may not be far off from 2023-24 KD. He’s on a team that’s collected stars in hopes of dominating the known universe, he needs to snap away half of the league … all to find peace in winning a championship.

That’s … not fair. Wait a minute.

(Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)

One user compares KD’s new graphical rendering to his appearance in the most recent Call of Duty. Which one do you think looks better?

Visual graphics have come a long way in gaming. Specifically, advancements in technologies like ray-tracing, polygon count, the ability to manipulate light sourcing, processor speeds and motion capture have really helped athletes come to life in video games.

I mean, he could look worse.

Here’s Kevin Durant from his rookie year for the Seattle Supersonics in NBA 2K8.

Like we said, visual graphics have come a long way in gaming.

NBA 2K24 is set to be released on PS5, Xbox X|S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on Sept. 8.

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