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Knicks Coach Tom Thibodeau Reveals Why Cam Reddish Isn’t in the Rotation

The newest member of the New York Knicks is former lottery pick Cam Reddish. In a recent trade, the Knicks sent out Kevin Knox and a first-round pick to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for a package that included the young swingman. 

While Reddish has the talent to help New York win games now, he still hasn’t cracked the rotation. He’s played just 15 total minutes through eight games as a Knick. 

Following a recent game against the Milwaukee Bucks in which Reddish didn’t touch the floor, Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau was asked why Reddish still wasn’t in the rotation. 

“Everything was discussed,” said Thibodeau. “We like who he is. We like the talent, and right now — it’s a long season. We knew we traded someone who wasn’t in the rotation, so you can’t keep adding to it without taking someone out. We can have injuries, so just have to be patient and work our way through it.”

New York has gone 2-6 since acquiring Reddish. While Thibodeau isn’t ready to make a major rotation shakeup, perhaps now is the time to do so. Although he wants to wait for injuries or further trades to naturally shift the lineup, time is running out this season. The Knicks are 23-27, good for 12th in the Eastern Conference. 

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