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Lakers GM talks about Russell Westbrook’s struggles

Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

Russell Westbrook has not been playing like his usual self, especially lately. It seems that the superstar point guard is still adjusting to not being the team’s go-to guy.

Lakers general manager and vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka, who previously represented players as an agent, talked about Westbrook’s situation in a recent press conference.

“I think one of the hallmarks of our organization is to be supportive of all the players that wear Lakers jerseys from 1 to 15,” he said. “Our job as a front office, as coaching staff as teammates for the players is to support one another. That’s one of the keys to success.

“I’ve had several conversations with Russ since we acquired him in a trade and I’ve really appreciated those. As everybody knows, Russ is a big-hearted individual. He wants to win and he knows winning with players as impactful and influential on the court as Anthony and LeBron are that it’s going to require sacrifices in his game and how he plays. We’ve had discussions around other players that have gone through those similar processes.

“I was as an agent I remember when I represented Andre Iguodala and he went from sort of being an All-Star in Philly, was traded to Golden State, played a different role there had to mold and shape his game and won championships.

“We all know some of the changes and sacrifices Kobe has made in his career when he went from playing into the triangle. Those are the processes, I’m never trying to compare players to players. Those are evolutions and processes that players have gone through.

“Russ and I have had really great discussions around those. I think the conversation have really been two-sided with a lot of listening and dialogue on both sides and I’ve really appreciated that about Russ.”

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