Leicester Riders take on GB star Samuel Idowu

Idowu is excited to bring his skills to British Basketball. At 6’7 and born in Brooklyn, New York, he is well-prepared for his fourth professional season. As a British passport holder, he is eager to contribute to the sport in the UK. With his height and experience, he will greatly impact the court.

After suffering an injury in the Netherlands, Idowu says, “My agent bought up the opportunity to play in England, and it was something I always wanted to experience, especially because I have a British passport. When I was playing with the u20 team, I didn’t get too much time to explore England. So when the opportunity came about, I wasn’t even hesitant to take it.”

On the basketball court, Idowu is a dynamic, explosive, and adaptable player who will not be ignored. When asked what Idowu will bring to Leicester, he says, “I’m just overall a teammate player, I love sacrificing anything and everything to win.”

The Leicester Riders had a strong season, with two final appearances. Fans are anticipating their future triumphs. When Idowu was asked what the goal is this upcoming season, he said, “It’s trying to maximise the potential as much as possible, try to win as much as possible and take it all the way.” Idowu then says, “but at the same time also, to myself into the groove of things since being out a whole year due to injury.”

This would be Idowu’s first time staying in England, and he is extremely excited to be involved in the British Basketball culture. Idowu said, “I’ve been overwhelmed with a lot of love from the fans already. I am excited to get to know the culture and to go sight-seeing.”

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