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List of Popular NBA Players Who Love Casinos

Indeed, we are all aware that NBA players earn a lot of cash through their matches and endorsements. A professional NBA player can earn a couple of million dollars per year, which is quite a lucrative income. For this reason, most NBA players invest in opening small businesses. But there’s still a handful of them who don’t mind spending their fortunes on casino games.

With the advancement of our technology, we can all play real money casino online. Hardly anyone can resist trying online casinos with the great selection of games offered and welcome bonuses. In the same lines, NBA players are no exception for land-based casinos. Now, let’s have a look at which NBA players have made gambling their favorite pastime.

The top three NBA players who love gambling  

Gambling during the pandemic has boomed, and that comes as no surprise given that people had to face serious lockdowns and stay at home for most of their time. Since they had to carry out their everyday tasks from home, they also created alternatives for home hobbies. 

But the love for gambling was present before the outbreak of this virus. Let’s see which NBA players love a fair share of gambling and don’t mind spending a great deal of cash on it.   

  1. Michael Jordan  

We’ve all heard of Michael Jordan, but you probably didn’t know that he is an enthusiastic fan of casino games. Just like he has an incredible urge to win each of his basketball matches, he has an urge to win at gambling, and some reports have told us that he lost a million dollars on time while playing poker.  

  1. Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley, who enjoys playing in the high-rolling casinos of L.A., has lost a fortune on gambling. While gambling at the SinCity, he lost $15 million. However, this loss didn’t create a hazard in his life, given that his net worth is no less than $40 million.

  1. Seth Curry

While still enjoying the fruits of his basketball career, Seth enjoys gambling at casinos. If you take a peek into the most popular casinos in L.A., chances are you’ll see Seth there. He gambles as if there’s no limit on his bank account.

Closing remarks  

As you can see, gambling is a very popular pastime among many. Some play just for fun, some play more professionally, and some lose fortunes on poker. When it comes to NBA players, gambling losses aren’t a hazard for them due to their large incomes, but we recommend you consider if your budget can allow it before you become a gambling enthusiast.

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