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Meyers Leonard: “There’s plenty of NBA teams who want me”

Meyers Leonard could return to the NBA this year as the teams start making roster changes for the second half of the season.

The 29-year-old center played just 3 games last year. He underwent a should surgery in February and in March he was traded by the Heat to the Thunder. OKC waived him a week later.

The player himself says that ‘plenty of teams’ want to sign him but he is not healthy enough yet. Leonard also admits that the incident of him using an anti-Semitic slur during a video game livestream session which was followed by a suspension did not help him in getting a job.

Via Gavin Good of Chicago Tribune:

“As everybody in the room knows, there’s plenty of NBA teams who want me and that I could be playing for right now, but I’m just not healthy enough,” he said. “Did the incident help my case? No. But this time to heal? Yes.”

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