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NBA 2K24: Which Affiliation should you choose in The City?

Published: 2023-09-03T19:47:43

  ❘   Updated: 2023-09-03T19:47:54

For NBA 2K24, The City will feature two distinct Affiliations: RISE and ELITE. Here’s a look at what the two offer and recommendations for which when ballers should choose.

MyCareer and The City is set to receive a major shakeup for NBA 2K24. Not only are there new Badges, but also new Affiliations.

Two Affiliations will clash in The City for supremacy, but which one should 2K players choose?

Here’s a look at the pros and cons for each.

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A look at Affiliations in NBA 2K24

This year, NBA 2K24 players will choose from one of two different Affiliations. This is a change from last year, when there were four different Affiliations.

Basketball fans can either choose to join RISE, led by NBA 2K content creator ShakeDown2012, or 2KTV host Chris Manning-led ELITE.

However, it’s important to note the two Affiliations come with special on-court bonuses.

Those who choose RISE will receive permanent finishing and playmaking boosts, as well as a special Heat Check boost that will reward players for their “hot hand from the perimeter after knocking down some shots.”

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ELITE, on the other hand, will boost Shooting and Defense. A special Two-Way Tenacity boost also comes with being a member of the ELITE.

Which Affiliation should NBA 2K24 players choose?

The choice is a tough one, and it’ll ultimately depend on what kind of player one wants to be. For those well-rounded players who want to be elite defenders & shooters, or just struggle making greens, the ELITE is a sound option.

Ballhandlers, on the other hand, might want to defer to the RISE. Bigs, on the other hand, will need to make a difficult choice between either a finishing or defense boost.

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As noted by the 2K24 development team in late August, REP is also back for this year.

REP won’t reset after the launch of the new season, but it can if for some reason one chooses to change Affiliations.

Another note that 2K24 players should know is that per producer Zach Timmerman, attribute boosts from Affiliation REP do not contribute towards animation or Badge requirements.

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