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NBA trade deadline: Winners and losers

Another NBA trade deadline is behind us. Let’s run through some winners and losers!

Winner: Daryl Morey

All season long, I’ve said Morey was trying too hard to wait out the Simmons situation for a star. All season long, I said he needs to face reality and move Simmons for multiple parts, especially while Joel Embiid was playing at an MVP level. I was wrong! Morey banked on a superstar shaking free, and lo and behold, he moved somebody who hasn’t played since a playoff meltdown for a former MVP. I still have some doubts about the on and off court fit between James Harden and Embiid. But you cannot argue with a straight face the 76ers did not get more talented Thursday.

Winner: Ben Simmons

How Simmons was able to parlay a massive playoff failure and basically going AWOL into becoming Kyrie’s and KD’s running mate is nothing short of wizardry. It would’ve been hard for Simmons to fall into a better situation. He still gets to play for a winning team, and yet has two megastar teammates who will deal with most of the scrutiny. Simmons is not out of the woods just yet. He still has to prove he can be a valuable player down the stretch of a playoff game. It should be a lot easier for him to do so playing off of Irving and Durant than Joel Embiid.

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