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NBA: Wizards analyst Consor makes gaffe over Kevin Porter, Jr.

UPDATE on Friday, Jan. 7: Washington Wizards play by play radio announcer Dave Johnson has given his full support of Consor:

The Wizards and NBC Sports Washington have still not made any statement regarding Consor.

The article is below, with some additional remarks by Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, who elaborated on his comments about Consor on Thursday after their practice.

Washington Wizards analyst Glenn Consor is in big trouble after a remark he made about Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter, Jr., who made a game-winning shot in their win over Washington last night.

I didn’t think much about last night’s loss besides the final score at the time. Washington lost to Houston, a team they should have beaten, at home.

But overnight, social media took notice of the remark that Consor made while subbing on television instead of his usual spot on the radio. It wasn’t something many of us thought about at the time … unless one was very familiar with Porter’s upbringing. That happened when Consor said, “Kevin Porter Jr., like his dad, pulled that trigger right at the right time.”

What Consor was thinking, and what a Wizards/Bullets historian may be thinking on the fly is that Porter, Jr. was the son of Kevin Porter, who played 10 NBA seasons, six of them for the Bullets in two different stints (1972-75 and 1979-83). As a player, Porter was one of the NBA’s better point guards, leading the league in assists four times.

The thing is that the Porter whom Consor was likely thinking about isn’t Kevin Porter, Jr.’s dad. That’s why Consor’s comment wasn’t just a mistake or “just any other gaffe.”

Kevin Porter, Jr.’s full name is Bryan Kevin Porter, Jr., though he goes by Kevin. When his father, Bryan Kevin Porter, Sr., was 19 years old, he was sentenced to over four years in prison for manslaughter after an accidental gun discharge killed a 14-year old girl in 1993. Porter, Jr. was born in 2000, after Porter, Sr. was released. And tragically, Porter, Sr. himself was killed in a shooting in 2004 in a Seattle bar when he acted to help a friend in an altercation.

Now that you know this part about Kevin Porter, Jr.’s family story, the remark Consor made looks a lot worse than simply confusing him with the former Bullets player. At worst, Consor can be perceived to be comparing Porter, Jr.’s dagger to the time when Porter, Sr. was involved in his 1993 incident.

Consor’s remark has drawn criticism around the NBA, most notably from Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. His tweet made it seem that he wanted Consor fired.

Consor was also made aware of his gaffe. He apologized for it Thursday morning and reached out to Porter, Jr. for a personal apology.

During the Lakers’ practice on Thursday, James stood by his remarks, though he clarified that Consor, like any announcer, should do his due diligence of players with similar names to see if they are related. He also stated that he wasn’t calling for Consor to be fired.

I have also posted James’ entire interview from that practice where he gave an explanation of his remarks on Consor. One of the lines James specifically took issue with, is “pulling the trigger” as an analogy to taking a shot in basketball, and it’s worth discussing on its own.

Mistakes happen all the time by color analysts and play-by-play analysts, though this one certainly is bigger given Kevin Porter, Jr.’s family story. It remains to be seen whether the Wizards and/or NBC Sports Washington will punish Consor over the incident.

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