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Robert Horry on what impressed him most in Lakers’ win vs. Kings

The Los Angeles Lakers extended their winning streak to three games by taking down the Sacramento Kings 122-114. One of the main things that stood out for the winners was their low number of turnovers.

While Sacramento turned the ball over 18 times, the Lakers had just 5 turnovers and 24 assists. Russell Westbrook, who had 9 turnovers in the previous game, did not turn the ball over a single time against the Kings.

Robert Horry was impressed with the way the purple and hold handled the ball. “Outside of the play of Malik Monk, I think five turnovers, that’s impressed me the most,” he said on Spectrum SportsNet.

“Because you have to think about it, Russ had nine turnovers last game and then had zero this game. For me what you watch them, the team can learn from their mistakes and improve on that. That’s the key for me.

“And then also loved the fact that THT came out of his slump. THT hasn’t been performing well, he had his first three in what seven games? He started to being a THT he was when he first came back after his thumb injury. So I’m excited to see him back on the roll and hopefully he can continue the good play.”

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