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Triple Threat Podcast: Super Bowl halftime acts, Gregg Popovich win record, reliving the 2018 NBA Finals

The biggest sporting event of the year happened this week, and all anyone can talk about is the halftime show. The Bonnet Gang is also here to offer their thoughts on that performance in a very music-heavy episode of the Triple Threat podcast.

The crew begins by talking about Odell Beckham and his unfortunate injury before pivoting to Richard Sherman’s comment’s about Matthew Stafford’s Hall of Fame candidacy. Then they get to discussing the halftime show, including what makes a good Super Bowl halftime artist. The three of them then pick their best halftime acts for specific NFL cities based on which musicians represent those regions.

Then it’s time for some basketball talk, including Giannis Antetokounmpo’s recent tear, a look back at Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals, and how a player earns the designation “injury-prone”. They also have some thoughts for how Gregg Popovich is being covered en route to setting the all-time wins record for an NBA coach, as well as how his current assistant Becky Hammon’s new team will do in 2022 — the trio is not sure that the Aces have addressed their biggest weaknesses heading into this WNBA season.

The group closes out the pod with more music, talking about Jazmine Sullivan and Lupe Fiasco, among others, as well as some TV recommendations.

You can listen to all that and more in the full episode embedded below, and to make sure you never miss a single show moving forward, subscribe to the Swish Appeal podcast feed on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

You can follow your hosts on Twitter at @trisity9, @sagebeatlove, and @Natural_OneDurr.

And in case you missed their special episode last week, Chauny Powell and B. Terrell spoke with the great Pokey Chatman about her coaching career.

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