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Zion Williamson to continue foot injury rehab away from Pelicans

New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson remains on the sidelines as he continues his rehab on his fractured foot. The Pelicans announced that the superstar forward will continue his recovery away from the team.

Williamson underwent surgery for a fracture in his right foot. He experienced many setbacks since then, while it was initially thought he would return at the start of the season.

“Since we notified everyone on December 16 of his latest imaging, it was decided then by our medical team to dial his rehab back to only partial weight bearing activities. He continues along that path,” stated Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations David Griffin.

“We also agreed that in order to put Zion in the best position to succeed, he will rehab away from the team at this time so he can focus on the task at hand.”

The Pelicans are currently at 13-25 on the season, holding the second-worst record in the Western Conference despite starting the season with playoff aspirations.

“As you can imagine, this has been a very difficult process for me,” says Williamson. “I know there’s work to be done in my recovery before I can safely return to the court, but I will continue to put in the time necessary so I can get back on the floor with my team and represent Pelicans fans and the city of New Orleans at the highest level.

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