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Larry Bird’s Career Record vs. NBA Legends: He Beat Michael Jordan 23 Times, But Magic Johnson Won The Head-To-Head Matchups

When you think of the best players in the 80s, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, and Isiah Thomas. The best player of that generation was potentially Larry Bird. When it came to some of the noteworthy legends from this time, Bird found a way to not just win these games, but dominate for a long period of time.

Some legends from this period were able to lead their team past Bird. Specifically, there was one team that was the heel of the Boston Celtics and those three players from the Showtime Lakers found a way. Three of the four legends from this era own a winning record against Bird and they played for the Lakers.

Among the other NBA legends from the 80s, here is Bird’s career record against those players.

Magic Johnson – 37 Games, 15-22 (40.5%)

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